how to upload a photo of your pet for custom pet phone case
how to upload a photo of your pet for custom pet phone case

Custom Pet Portrait | Tough Phone Case | Pink

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Custom Pet Portrait | Tough Phone Case | Pink

Custom Pet Portrait | Tough Phone Case | Pink

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Personal Pet Love: Create Your Custom Phone Case

Capture the Cuddle: The "Paws & Play" Custom Phone Case

This isn't just any phone case. The "Paws & Play" is where the spirit of your four-legged friend leaps onto a custom phone case designed by you, for you. It's your pet's loyalty and love, captured in vibrant color and encased right in your pocket. Tailor-made to create a smile, this case is a personal shrine to your pet’s endearing antics and affectionate nuzzles.

Design Your Pet's Tribute: Make Custom Phone Cases with Heart

Craft a tribute to your furry family member with our easy-to-design custom phone cases. With the "Paws & Play" case, your pet's portrait is immortalized against a backdrop of your choosing, making each phone case as unique as your bond. It's not just about protection; it's about the little moments of happiness your pet brings to your life, now reflected in the palm of your hand.

Pet Love On-the-Go: Custom Phone Cases That Tell a Story

Bring your pet's story with you wherever you go with a custom phone case that showcases their charming face. The "Paws & Play" case isn't just a guardian for your phone; it’s a mobile expression of your pet's personality. Each case is a statement piece, a testament to the joy pets bring into our lives, ensuring that every call and text is infused with the warmth of their companionship.

Key Features:

Tough-as-nails case with dual-layer shell for added durability

Crafted from TOP quality materials

Glossy finish

Non-fade prints

The shipping time depends on  your location, but typical shipping times are:  

Allow 2 - 4 business days following fulfilment.

In some cases it may be longer depending where you’re located, but typically the whole process should be 2 - 5 business days.

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